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I am here for only one reason :)

Others say desperate people only seeks for love online... :( well, i say come on! this generation is high tech!! :P (it's free to browse my site before anything else, i want to say something for those who might read this, if ur up to insulting me,judging me or whatsoever BCUZ OF MY NOVEL-LIKE DESCRIPTION go ahead and knock urself out! i have a long patience and i can't be easily pissed.. :P BITE YOUR ELBOW! :p Let me start it by saying my name..I am Alyanna Avery.. Pure Filipina raised in Mindanao the 3rd largest island of the Philippines..(where the mount Apo is located if you don't know Mt. Apo, here's a question for you. How old are you since you've opened the television to Nat Geo or Discovery Channel?) Physical Appearance : petite :D,skinny. hmmm..what else? i prefer not to say :P I am a young lady with full of experiences in life.. i've been through many ups and downs but still I am here.. determined to stand and continue to roll the dice! My special skills are related to ARTS... such as sketching/designing clothes...aiming to be a professional singing, i have this soprano voice of mine which i just discovered when i am 13 years old.. funny to discover it pretty late.. i have a passion in dancing.. i wanna dance always!!! :D In my studying.. English is what i love most! second is the History (world history).. i was back then a stubborn student. hahaha,, but now things have changed! :D In academics, it's true than mostly of my teachers convince me to become an accountant lawyer. But duh, i value time.Spending lots of time, money and burning of brains in school is not my main point in entering the school. My main objective in entering the school is to earn knowledge not to drool and compete with my co students of aiming the honor. And I am not willing to spent money with no such guarantees of variance in my life.(I just hate chemistry) I am the type which is easy to get along with. Just feel comfortable with me. I hate people who want to live life for fun. And don’t think of the possibilities beyond life’s extremity. Alright! I know I am young! So what?? I just want to find the man whom God paired with me since I was in my mom’s womb! At least at this early age I’ve been awakened by reality beyond ignorance. World nowadays is full of transgression of theological principle! I don’t know why people want to get married for a lot of verifiable reasons. What’s wrong with your hypothalamus gland? Is your cerebrum and cerebellum still on its proper places? If you think you are smart enough you might perhaps define the real joy of life.
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Looking for: Man
Looking for age: 18 to 27
Country: Philippines
City: Davao City
Last active: 1 day ago
Height: 153cm
Weight: 37kg
Income: im a student!
Occupation: student
Religion: Christian Catholic
Ethnicity: Asian
Interests: a lot
Favorite music: a lot
Favorite films: a lot
Favorite books: A LOT!
Favorite food: a lot
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Sunday 26th of February 2021 11:20:06 PM  (2 month ago)  

SLoshooter says: The joy of life? The "Secret of LIFE ... is the ability to be Spontaneous!."
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