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I . aM . mE

A girl who knows what her goals are. Very optimistic. Loves to dress up. Another big fan of shoes especially heels. May look like snobbish at first but really a very funny one. Has good sense of humor. A visionary. Fun to be with. Friend you can count on. Another fool for love... Still waiting for my prince

I always have an opinion for everything. A bookworm... loves MATH! I love the analysis part! Loves my family so much! A servant of God....

Well, actually I dont even know why I'm taking up Nursing when my heart is into Arts. I do love Photography (a lottt), wishing to be a Fashion Designer, Interior Designer and a Writer. O well being an Nursing is my parents dream and I am just being a good child that why I'm taking it up for them. and still trying to be good at it! hahaha! Someday, I will pursue my own... I am taking it one step at a time...

I. aM . mE is a charming and down to earth girl from Davao. She has a killer smile, which is very real and not fake or force which makes her more charming. You can see it from her facial expression which is very relax and controlled. The twinkle in her eyes when she smiles says it all. You can feel the aura of her inner joy and that she is very light hearted who is not burdened by worry, trouble, negativity, etc. She has inner confidence, she feels great inside and it reflects outside. All these things and plus her natural physical beauty makes her perfectly adorable, cute, and charming.

She is a very talented young lady. She is taking voice lesson for singing, playing the piano, and dancing is second nature to her. She is also very active in physical activities, her favorite sports is volleyball.

She is somewhat conservative as well not having a boyfriend since birth. She is not in rush for love.
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Looking for: Man
Looking for age: 25 to 30
Country: Please select a country
City: Philippine
Last active: 3 week ago
Height: 164cm
Weight: 51kg
Education: College
Ethnicity: African (Black)
Have offspring?: Do not have children

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