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I am only interested in meeting somebody nice. Don't contact me if: 1) You think I am ugly 2) You are only interested in money. I prefer to meet single women with no children but it doesn't matter if you are not. I live in England for 8 months of the year and Cebu for 4 months of the year, normally from November to February. If I not answer your message it is because I am only a free member and I cannot answer many messages when I am online. I try and answer all messages ok. PS. I hate scammers, I can name at least 10 girls I know on this site who are definitely scammers but I won't here. Why can't you just do us all a favor and go away?
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Looking for: Woman
Looking for age: 18 to 35
Country: United Kingdom
City: Birmingham
Last active: 3 hour ago
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Education: Bachelors degree
Income: more than you
Occupation: Self Employed
Religion: Let's find out when we die
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Interests: Spicy Girls/Spicy Food
Favorite music: Dragostea Din Tei Lol
Favorite films: Der Untergang
Favorite books: History Books
Favorite food: Spicy
Have offspring?: Have children
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Saturday 05th of January 2020 08:57:19 PM  (21 hour ago)  

keir says: Hahaha afected. U were put in the garbage by nanit coz she have mark. Hahaha. Anyway im jst having fun enjoying what i have read on profiles and wgat i have seen on profile pic and posted picture. Many are so funny. U can block me nw jon677. Thanks i enjoy ur wall and nanit and mark wall. I wil go and find others nw. So clock me nw. Hehe. Thank you for the fun.

Sunday 06th of January 2020 12:19:28 AM  (18 hour ago)  

Jon677 says: @keir Who told you that? I think you need to check your facts.

Friday 04th of January 2020 11:47:42 AM  (2 day ago)  

cates says: oh really why are you hiding,,,keir
Saturday 05th of January 2020 09:06:36 PM  (21 hour ago)  

keir says: @cates hide what brod? Hehehe. Dont be stress with my question to one lady with bra only. I respect people here whom i think worth respectable too. Like u, i respect u base on ur profile and picture posted.
Thursday 03rd of January 2020 11:01:49 PM  (2 day ago)  

keir says: Is it wrong to ask for brandname of the bra? Hahaha. Ok- how about the opanty. Hehehe. Does she wear that? Have u knw it jon677. Or she never wear
Sunday 30th of December 2021 03:18:21 PM  (1 week ago)  

sarahpungos says: ok
Saturday 29th of December 2021 11:35:21 PM  (1 week ago)  

annesmarty says: hahaahha:)

Saturday 29th of December 2021 02:24:05 PM  (1 week ago)  

kimry says: sorry girl but this man is mine nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww so stop flirting...
Thursday 03rd of January 2020 09:51:59 PM  (2 day ago)  

keir says: @vanessaerica i like ur comment but the spelling for decent was wrong. Be careful next time including ur grammar. Hddhe. But i like it
Thursday 03rd of January 2020 09:48:57 PM  (2 day ago)  

keir says: @kimry nice bra. Whats the brandname? Where did u buy?

Saturday 29th of December 2021 04:39:32 PM  (1 week ago)  

jamgrace says: @kimry wow

Saturday 29th of December 2021 04:21:37 PM  (1 week ago)  

celchicc says: @kimry is ladyboy

Saturday 29th of December 2021 02:42:01 PM  (1 week ago)  

vanessaerica says: @kimry ..oh realy..ok his urs..have a nice day..nice view girl...make ur self a little bit dessent..:)

Wednesday 26th of December 2021 07:16:29 PM  (1 week ago)  

ann77 says: helo....just try me...and i know u like it, i dont say lots just ask me and ill tell u , who knows it is working hehehhehehehehe,,,,,,,,,,,

Monday 24th of December 2021 02:27:00 PM  (1 week ago)  

jean1993 says: hi , merry cristmass

Tuesday 18th of December 2021 08:17:26 AM  (2 week ago)  

kathwoman says: Hiiii Jon! Unsa man diha sa Cebu?
Monday 17th of December 2021 02:08:52 PM  (2 week ago)  

munich says: becareful not all girls are nice and im sorry if you was victim of bad grils or women
Wednesday 26th of December 2021 10:05:11 PM  (1 week ago)  

cheele says: @Jon677 ohhh...hi dear....not all here are bad..try to knowing
Monday 17th of December 2021 01:45:21 PM  (2 week ago)  

lynpaui says: stay safe

Monday 17th of December 2021 11:14:07 AM  (2 week ago)  

irene23f says: thanks for viewing my profile :)

Sunday 16th of December 2021 02:34:27 PM  (3 week ago)  

desamparado says: who say's ur ugly? ur not.. u look so handsome man.. and i think u can drive girls :-)
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