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looking ideal wife and best friend my life

Hello dear You read my profile first cool mind if you like so send me mail or any comments this mail id abrarmohmed22 or this also Skype id also if you like 2 better good friendships or maybe after longtime husband or wife future lifetime partner I am from Pakistan my city name in Karachi when I grow up so after my studying I am come Saudi Arabia coz some fainational problem but I am happy with my “ GOD “ help me even so hard work and life here and my first problem is I love crazy Philippine country and I am find only one good my ideal wife and best friend Filipina in my life I hope I will find coz even girl know is really so heard life alone and so tired even guy’s also so I hope I soon find good girl Filipina here and complete my life and how is she come my life she also finished dream good man here *My family* Mother Father 1) Big sister have own family life and she have 3 kids or work in Hospital in Saudi Arabia 2) Brother have own family in Pakistan work is clutch disine 3) I am here in Saudi Arabia work company computer operator and be 4 work in hospital as Laboratory Technician & total single man pure man not touch in my life any girl I’m pure single man 4) small sister have own family life she have 2 kids and work b4 hospital in I.C.U this my small family life *About me * my life more important is most Understand life coz understand is key of power full family life 1 ) Understand 2) Respect 3) More take care 4) Give happens 5) Romance 6) Sharing both Feeling 7) Watch Movies (Pinyo Films, English Films, Comedy Films, Romans Films, Loving Films) 8) More Love when some 1 come my life and I give all my love with she and make happy life both side even come kids after future 9) I love more with my Future wife when I’m get marry and I am more take care or make happy family life tell end life 10) I need only 1 time or last time marry when someone Accept me and don’t care of money coz if powerful loving family so they know how to work and get money for use in life Search Life time Partner I am wait someone accept me with any reason even I am middle class man even I am simple man even my life simple and even my looking not so handsome even I am not so good look I want she accept all with the pure heard not my money not my use my feeling and not playing with my pure loving feeling I want 2 accept all everything even how is she? Even how are? 1)even she single but have kids ok I’m accept she with the kids even she poor also 2)even she husband die or have kids ok I’m accept she with the kids even she poor also 3)even she get Divorce and have kids ok I’m accept she with the kids even she poor also 4)even she single and poor and small family mum or daddy or only the after marry Respect me as good wife and make me friendship and my future kids mum also and she take care of me , respect me , loving me , every day hugging, kissing 3 time each day and love me crazy and praying for “GOD “ and make our family life powerful understand and happy life family tell our life end both she or me and I not want after marry any other interfering our family life I hope you like is ok meet some time when I make plan to meet friends or relatives and pls don’t ask me after marry Divorce and don’t ask me after marry Separated also coz is difficult to life coz I don’t want any more alone life and single also is so heard and so tired life I hope you understand my feeling and letter also send me mail after you read about ur life story so I reply you take care and eat on time so you good or healthy this I want b happy smiling in ur face ur name ur mum name ur date of birth month ur education ur what do work ur home place city name or town ur how many sister ur how many brother what is ur reall Dream ur picture this my Email
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Looking for: Woman
Looking for age: All ages
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: riyadh
Last active: 2 month ago
Height: 150cm
Weight: 51kg
Education: High school
Occupation: computer oprator and have diplom
Religion: islam
Ethnicity: Asian
Favorite food: i know good cook
Want offspring?: Want children
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Friday 08th of March 2020 12:23:49 PM  (6 month ago)  

clarenze says: will! if i were you go to the ground where near you and dig for your early crave.........why you need say that. your such a jerk person.

Sunday 03rd of February 2020 01:19:02 AM  (7 month ago)  

rana1827 says: say something!

Thursday 31st of January 2020 07:46:41 PM  (7 month ago)  

Princess1992 says: your crazy!!
Wednesday 09th of January 2020 05:08:44 PM  (8 month ago)  

SharaMay22 says: Dont judge this person,.if u all dont know his personality,..
so what,..!!if he writting like a story,..well thats his opinion,.and i know his the easy way to express and to tell what he want..
I salute him for being truth to his self,...may u looking the nice woman for you......

Monday 07th of January 2020 06:29:38 PM  (8 month ago)  

gane13 says: lol stupid in big bulshit you are i think you are bitter person go to the highest building in jump.. in after that i will send you one dosen't

Friday 04th of January 2020 07:54:22 AM  (8 month ago)  

jeanmike says: u know,,, i got confused of wat ur saying about.,.,.,u look like ur juzt writing a letter,,,.,how can u find a girl if ur dialogue is like dat.,.,soorry to say this but its soo poor,.,.,

Monday 31st of December 2021 10:02:54 PM  (8 month ago)  

Happychap says: @abrarmohamed22 Why do you keep sending the same message to 100's of filipina ladies on this site? Why don't you just ask the lady for her bank account details and pin number - scammer

Saturday 20th of April 2020 12:30:18 AM  (5 month ago)  

resann says: @Happychap to the point....good

Saturday 22nd of December 2021 11:06:43 AM  (9 month ago)  

yan1896 says: you said exactly what women want to hear,but you know what,you're just to good to be true,...i felt sorry for the girl that will believe you,someone who's desperate enough to trust your word:(

Wednesday 21st of November 2021 04:22:02 PM  (10 month ago)  

em1989 says: Thanks..

Friday 16th of November 2021 09:29:03 PM  (10 month ago)  

Bigaallaann says: Must be looking for a Saudi Slave? Why not marry an Islamic person who believes in your retarded Islamic ideology?

Saturday 10th of November 2021 02:54:29 PM  (10 month ago)  

mae1226 says: stupid
Friday 19th of October 2021 12:49:11 AM  (11 month ago)  

Angel7 says: Man either you are crazy or stupid or mentally retarded! What all this bullshit you write to this girl? Wake up or go to a mental hospital! What crap one can read in here!! Professor Michaels
Thursday 15th of November 2021 12:12:23 AM  (10 month ago)  

bendover10 says: @Angel7 An educated man and all you can do is use obscenities in your comment? Then again you usually just make trite comments to the men here, you must be a frustrated gay…just come out already, and go to a gay website, you will be happier. After all look how many women want you here. You are such a loser. Professor? HA!

Sunday 04th of November 2021 06:35:01 PM  (10 month ago)  

graciouslynne says: @Angel7 Ha ha
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