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Ladyboy from the warm tropics of the Pacific for a total GirlFriend experience~!!!!

the man i LOVE for 7 YEARS have just told me GOODBYE... :-( .... juggling a broken heart while wiping tears from my eyes... is there still light at the end of the rainbow?? or at the end of this tunnel ??? anyone who has that FLASHLIGHT so this tunnel could become brighter, please message me.... .... finding... could not find that sunflower i used to hold.. could not hear the singing of the birds... deafening is the beating of my heart... only holding this transparent balloon i have breathed with my hopes, my aspirations and the questions i have waiting to be answered... waiting to fly ... should i let it go and have it soar the sky... will it fly? ..

With that Said;

The identity that is me is yet to be written in every person with whom I will meet.
Those who have met me each have different versions of who I am.
This is the existence that was me when I once graced their lives with my presence but yes some things end if it was meant to end so as to instigate the person to move on and step into a more higher stand point in life or simply, to be with someone more deserving.
Ironically, some things also end to give birth to a more in depth understanding and or a more intense inter collaboration of the relationship- whatever it may be.

I thank those people who have stayed with me ever since because, in this point in time, i thank them all for their companionship which they have unselfishly given unto me. They are now my treasures, my friends.
To those who have left me in defeat- befallen unto the grounds of those who have failed, I also thank them for I will never be who the person I am today if without their exasperating and excruciating harassments which all have inevitably polished me to become the person I am today.

I do believe that the way people react to you will change depending on how you interact with them.
And depending on how people will respect your presence, will also determine how you would respect them back.
I guess the old proverb; "an eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth" still holds true to use here in this fast evolving physical-spiritual-materialistic actuality.

My past is but old pages of some book long forgotten and yet, images still haunt me both joyful and sad. Yet I go on writing more about who I am. Becoming the better version of me.

I am not looking for anyone specifically or looking for someone in a brochure from some human meat factory because, I do believe everyone has the capacity or the possibility to become what one wants.
I am also not looking for a specific relationship as if it was some script coming from a radio station and or from the cliche melodramas of the television soap operas because based on the impression/s of my past, a meaningful fusion in this journey we call life, only needs the simplest things: sincerity and, trust and everything after it will be possible.
If ever there will become a idiosyncratic partnership, then it will all just depend on how you both will handle the relationship to make it unimportant and or a sublime one. And along the way, never forgetting a transparent communication.

We meet people and they either become our friends and or our enemies or just strangers we encounter and pass.
So therefore, I cannot put who and what I am looking for in the people I will hopefully meet here since because, each of them will communicate with me differently based on how they perceive the person that is me and also the ones like me and, each of their approach will also have different outcomes based on how I would react to what kind of impulse and or stimuli they have given me.

Hopeful of friendship since most of the time, in the real physical existence we all walk on to when we try to meet people, they automatically and subconsciously base and judge the person by their outside physicality and structure never re evaluating their approach of knowing what could hold more significance within the person. This is why technology is such a blessing though sometimes it may be a curse because of the vast distances it makes us forget of but, it gives us the chance to contemplate before we say or type, it also takes the illusion of the eye we all befall into when we are acquainted physically to the person since with this blessing, we indulge into a more in depth communication in the form of writing thereby knowing more of the person within as the friendship progresses more vividly like a painting slowly becoming into the vision of the ARTIST.

Searching for people who can share my views on ART... who can show me ART.. or simply show me as how they see the world through their eyes...

I want to paint the emotions of the people who have surrounded me into my existence so that one day i may look back to them in their colourful glory.

Anyone who is accepting, understanding, honest and kind.
I totally despise people who pretend to be nice in front of me as i can see through their cover quite effectively as i have been with a lot of people who are pretentious.
It does not matter for me if you will express to me how much you hate me and how i irritate you for all these negative reactions will only help me to mould myself to become better as a person and as an ARTIST...

And to those who are kind to me, your kindness to someone of my lowly existence is what that behumbles me...
I appreciate your view of the world and how you all embrace the existence of me and others who are like me.
Age: 26
Sex: Ladyboy
Looking for: Man
Looking for age: All ages
Country: Philippines
City: Davao
Last active: 10 month ago
Height: 169cm
Weight: 54kg
Education: College
Occupation: Hair n Makeup, Stylist, Hairdres
Religion: I believe there is a reason why
Ethnicity: Asian
Interests: Makeup, AirbrushMakeup, Computers,
Favorite music: house, and pop anything nice
Favorite films: Ghost in the shell, BladeRunner
Favorite books: i like reading mgazines about makeup
Favorite food: anything
Have offspring?: Do not have children

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