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dating site for filipino seaman

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Tuesday 12th of November 2020 08:49:25 PM  (2 month ago)  

brixnatalio85 says: if you fake or not i dont care but i like your profile coz that is true... but everything happen is have a reason so its better you know first the girl or what ever before you visit coz its not a joke philippines is verey far from your place thats all mwahhhhh

Friday 12th of July 2020 01:51:36 PM  (6 month ago)  

creamyhotgirl says: wow
Tuesday 07th of May 2020 10:41:08 AM  (8 month ago)  

vonnacha says:

Friday 03rd of May 2020 08:32:44 PM  (8 month ago)  

jhanna1661 says: like it more

Monday 25th of March 2020 10:19:24 AM  (9 month ago)  

sweetchel28 says: wow! i love u now. i believe, "Love at first first sight "

Thursday 07th of March 2020 09:52:06 AM  (10 month ago)  

salome says: your so handsome....

Thursday 21st of February 2020 06:35:12 AM  (10 month ago)  

ayaclaire says: Oh i was in luneta park the day before yesterday. How have you been doing here in the Philippines?

Sunday 03rd of February 2020 03:12:42 PM  (11 month ago)  

angelkheir says: you look attractive

Tuesday 29th of January 2020 09:40:36 AM  (11 month ago)  

kitanah10 says: nice pic. you look great . :)

Sunday 27th of January 2020 01:54:12 PM  (11 month ago)  

YYOUNGatHEARTT says: you look better with clothes!!!

Saturday 19th of January 2020 02:59:24 PM  (11 month ago)  

ayaclaire says: Oh handsome. I like you.

Saturday 08th of December 2021 08:33:46 PM  (1 year ago)  

deana says: nice
Thursday 29th of November 2021 11:14:27 AM  (1 year ago)  

beybelyka says: nice.................

Saturday 24th of November 2021 07:44:47 PM  (1 year ago)  

mjhazzy21 says: hmmm, how's intramuros? nice pic. :-)

Sunday 14th of October 2021 11:14:22 AM  (1 year ago)  

mjane888 says: nice pic

Monday 01st of October 2021 07:29:48 AM  (1 year ago)  

janamae says: you look so cute in this picture

Sunday 23rd of September 2021 04:19:21 PM  (1 year ago)  

mgdfklngodgr says: handsome

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