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filipina dating site in toronto

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Friday 10th of June 2011 07:46:20 PM  (2 month ago)  

rhegie says: your so hot!!!!!!

Saturday 04th of June 2011 11:09:05 AM  (2 month ago)  

21mafamapa48 says: lady in red......
Friday 27th of May 2011 03:39:22 PM  (2 month ago)  

ramz70 says: baka picture to ng anak mo? you dont look 28 d2! lol
Sunday 22nd of May 2011 11:19:55 AM  (2 month ago)  

paul1975 says: kaw kaya yan,hohohoho

Tuesday 17th of May 2011 02:04:28 PM  (2 month ago)  

floridz says: ganda naman
Monday 16th of May 2011 02:48:12 AM  (2 month ago)  

markygwapo says: artista k b?

Friday 13th of May 2011 12:02:18 AM  (3 month ago)  

darkphantom25 says: nakz
Saturday 07th of May 2011 06:33:02 PM  (3 month ago)  

virgo18 says:

Wednesday 04th of May 2011 07:16:55 PM  (3 month ago)  

pitchii says: hndi sayo picture yan hay poser ka
Wednesday 27th of April 2011 07:32:57 AM  (3 month ago)  

jai says: you look so great.
Tuesday 26th of April 2011 08:03:08 AM  (3 month ago)  

magdalo says: cute mo! nainlove ako!

Monday 25th of April 2011 01:44:04 AM  (3 month ago)  

badzy says: ooooyyyyyy.......... ikaw pla yan???? laki mo na ah?????
Monday 18th of April 2011 09:15:58 PM  (3 month ago)  

ramz70 says: sweet 16!
Saturday 16th of April 2011 09:20:58 PM  (3 month ago)  

winnince says: narak mak
Friday 15th of April 2011 06:57:05 PM  (3 month ago)  

mansealand143 says: hoy mga manyak wag kayo ganyan????
taken nayan,....
Thursday 14th of April 2011 09:19:03 PM  (3 month ago)  

anthonymatan says: watta face....very beautiful.

Monday 11th of April 2011 03:04:31 PM  (4 month ago)  

Troy says:
Saturday 02nd of April 2011 09:57:55 PM  (4 month ago)  

aaronvince says: is that you or that is belong to somebodys pic

Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 08:58:53 AM  (4 month ago)  

sousboyboy says: hi,cute!single pa ikaw?

Saturday 19th of March 2011 11:27:01 AM  (4 month ago)  

youkim says: you are so cute.

Tuesday 01st of March 2011 06:16:10 PM  (5 month ago)  

jubinixthehitler2011 says:
Friday 25th of February 2011 04:40:17 PM  (5 month ago)  

johnlester says:
Wednesday 02nd of February 2011 03:59:35 PM  (6 month ago)  

almirantebisu says: ang ganda m naman
Friday 25th of February 2011 07:26:47 AM  (5 month ago)  

bell says: @almirantebisu
Tuesday 01st of February 2011 12:41:01 PM  (6 month ago)  

cutejake says: pretty face

Friday 28th of January 2011 09:11:14 PM  (6 month ago)  

jhvnne says: hello ! ! ! ^_^;
Friday 28th of January 2011 02:10:33 PM  (6 month ago)  

mackie says: your so bueatiful can we friends

Sunday 23rd of January 2011 10:35:04 AM  (6 month ago)  

dogg13 says: ang ganda mo

Wednesday 12th of January 2011 09:48:55 AM  (7 month ago)  

mojackhoy says: hi
Monday 10th of January 2011 10:55:08 AM  (7 month ago)  

tantan says: ang cute mu aman....
Sunday 09th of January 2011 01:27:51 PM  (7 month ago)  

rhea10 says: ms super ganda u naman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!totoo u talaga
Sunday 09th of January 2011 11:12:30 AM  (7 month ago)  

evoschmidth143 says:

Friday 07th of January 2011 11:25:11 PM  (7 month ago)  

bodrumlugenc says: very beautiful and sweet

Friday 07th of January 2011 12:41:21 AM  (7 month ago)  

mikemanz says: tao k pala kala ko manika

Thursday 06th of January 2011 02:02:52 PM  (7 month ago)  

krit says: very nice.

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