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modern filipino dating culture

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Friday 15th of November 2020 11:34:40 PM  (2 week ago)  

cherrylbon says: this dog is so cute! i want to pinch h

Monday 21st of October 2020 08:17:10 PM  (1 month ago)  

Tamara77 says: ahhh,adorable!love it!

Friday 04th of October 2020 02:16:10 AM  (2 month ago)  

ehlai07 says: nice dog, .we have a labrador also in the house, .her name is Twittle, .her nickname is tweety, .
Friday 27th of September 2020 08:21:33 PM  (2 month ago)  

curlyhair says: HI dogie your so cute can i hug you...i like you soooo much...
Friday 27th of September 2020 08:18:03 PM  (2 month ago)  

curlyhair says:

Tuesday 16th of July 2020 01:13:02 PM  (4 month ago)  

lemz says:

Saturday 29th of June 2020 06:35:30 PM  (5 month ago)  

boukola says: @agwan71591 says:helloo gorgeous
I am shahid from saudai arbia
and I am working here as secretary
I am searching here a girl friend coming wife if u
think about me
and know about me more plz
plz contact me on Skype or yahoo
Skype shahid.hussain902
Yahoo agwan_shahid(at)y.c.

ps hi gregs regrads hehehehe

Saturday 29th of June 2020 11:27:34 PM  (5 month ago)  

gregs says: @boukola

That was pretty funny, thanks Boukola

Saturday 08th of June 2020 04:10:54 PM  (5 month ago)  

gregs says: Oh, this is Cosmo...he's waiting for me to give him the keys...

Friday 07th of June 2020 06:55:52 AM  (5 month ago)  

Emzhie says: very cute dog..

Sunday 02nd of June 2020 03:36:44 PM  (6 month ago)  

lonelygurl123 says: hahahahaha..cute dog...hmmm what she or he thinking? when open this door...hello doggie i have also cute puppy name prettybebe nice to meet u here..hahaha bye.

Wednesday 24th of April 2020 02:17:44 AM  (7 month ago)  

monna says: i like that dog...

Friday 25th of January 2020 09:23:49 PM  (10 month ago)  

lesh2410 says: i like ur dog... can i have it... hmmm just kidding
Wednesday 24th of October 2021 06:22:25 AM  (1 year ago)  

nikay says: i think dog can drive you..hehehe, he look so serious...

Friday 28th of September 2021 07:23:36 PM  (1 year ago)  

lovelymercy says: whatttttttaaaa cute dog..! i love it! xxx

Thursday 27th of September 2021 01:51:36 PM  (1 year ago)  

osita says: nice one..

Tuesday 18th of September 2021 05:02:59 PM  (1 year ago)  

cryztine says: wow.a dog can drive a car,hw nice..........
Tuesday 18th of September 2021 01:51:51 AM  (1 year ago)  

felmitch says: cute dog...

Tuesday 11th of September 2021 10:04:08 PM  (1 year ago)  

vodkangel18 says:

Tuesday 11th of September 2021 09:42:17 PM  (1 year ago)  

teebok says: you have a cute labrador.

Tuesday 04th of September 2021 09:25:13 PM  (1 year ago)  

ricapia says: a labrador

Monday 20th of August 2021 08:28:19 AM  (1 year ago)  

prettyinsideandout says: like my dog, her name "skitty"

Tuesday 10th of July 2021 08:12:57 AM  (1 year ago)  

simplemae says: wow i like this dog verry nice!! i like dog can i have ur dog?? hehe joke. i really like ur dog and u. hehe

Thursday 07th of June 2021 10:02:03 AM  (1 year ago)  

gregs says: Sorry can't have him, but you are welcome to come here and play with hm anytime...hehehe

Friday 01st of June 2021 04:30:06 AM  (1 year ago)  

gregs says:

Wednesday 23rd of May 2021 09:30:15 AM  (1 year ago)  

eltee25 says: this dog really looks like my old labrador dog named Milky..=(

Monday 21st of May 2021 05:49:07 AM  (1 year ago)  

dimplemarg says: Huhuhuhuh can I have this dog??

Friday 11th of May 2021 03:23:53 PM  (1 year ago)  

lissacruz says: cute labrador..

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