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First….Please understand, I’m not going to send a message to you if you only send an interest to me. The reason for this is I find it kind of rude that someone would send an interest to me, then when I take the time to write…you don’t reply? Sorry, but that is just rude…so let’s not waste each others time. If not please just pass me by, it's okay. Or you can say something…Come on smart is the new filipina girls…ya know!! I don’t bite, until I know you better, right now I only nibble…hehe

No pic-no chat…you see mine, show me yours!

So…hi this is a little about me…first I'm Greg. I am just looking for that one person who will change my life forever. The one that makes the heart flutter. She gives me that funny feeling in my tummy. I am a gentleman, I know what respect means, as well as romance. I hope to find someone who will teach me more and more about the Philippine’s culture, and maybe together we can prepare some spicy food for us…yum!! I wish for a woman who will walk beside me, not behind me, at my side, hand in hand...forever.

Some of my favorite things are; quick trips to the mountains, bbq, romance, snuggling, cooking and travel. Snuggling, stargazing from the backyard. Hiking in the desert, and watching my dog unsuccessfully try to catch the rabbits. Listening to music, painting, romance, movies, snuggling and romance. Sitting out on my patio during a rainstorm, spooning, and flannel sheets in the winter months. A good fire, and yes horror movies, oh and did I mention snuggling…hehe

Romance is important, romance keeps our love alive. To me romance is just the little things we do. For me romance is opening every door for my wife so she never lifts a hand, it's helping her on with her coat, holding her seat as she sits. Romance is sitting by the candlelight sipping wine together. Strolling hand in hand in the moon lit evenings. Gently touching her cheek as I look in her eyes and tell her how much I adore her. Giving her a little tickle when she least expects it. Or giving her a soft warm kiss on the neck because I love her so, there is much more to share... Hoping to find someone who is... Nice, sweet, funny, smart, sharing. Someone to share everything with happily. A good woman who is not here to play games.

She will give the same respect that I will always give to her. Someone who enjoys holding hands as we walk, and snuggling while we sit on the sofa. A woman who when I look into her eyes and she into mine can just see the love we share. I wish for a woman who will, as I said, walk beside me in life, NOT behind me. We will be together as one...forever. So much more to say, but we can do that after we know each other more and more. So please stop in. Maybe YOU are the ONE?? Shall we change each other’s life together, as one?

Thank you, but NO butterflies please. I respect when a woman notes "no pic, no chat", I would appreciate the same consideration please, thanks. If I visit your profile and write something I promise to write something more than "HI". If you really want an answer from me please be creative, you do know smart is the new filipina girls...right? I don’t just send interest, I will write something to you instead.

Want to think a little...just a little, so try this... Think of a number, any number. Double that number. Add 6 to that number. Cut the new number in half. Subtract the first number you thought of. Is your answer 3?

Or…What gets wetter as it dries? This one will make you smile OR cry when I tell you the answer…it’s SO easy you’ll kick yourself when I tell you!

So if you made it this far and are still awake even after reading this L O N G saga, I have one request...I am sorry that you might have a sister, mother, father, aunt, cow, dog, brother etc. that is ill. Or you need money for school, rent, flying lessons, and so on. Please don’t ask me for money, and I won’t ask you to help pay for my flight into space…thanks.

Age: 60
Gender: Male
Looking for: Woman
Looking for age: All ages
Country: United States
City: abq
Last active: 1 day ago
Height: 185cm
Weight: 72kg
Education: College
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Interests: Travel, cooking, golf, painting
Favorite music: Almost everything
Favorite films: Stand by Me, Taken, Avalon, Zombieland...anything scary
Favorite books: Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain. The Brain that changes itself, Doidge. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Thompson. Just to name a few.
Favorite food: BBQ, Italian, Chinese, Thai...spicy!

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Thursday 19th of July 2021 01:19:53 AM  (1 year ago)  

balai says: wow..!!so romantic of every woman's desire to be with...thank you for visiting my profile and had the chance to read yours and fell inlove with those scenery u've described..

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prettycool29 says: wow how romance your message is,i like it

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