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It’s impossible to enjoy breathtaking beauty of the Philippines and get past gorgeous local women. They are really charming and cute with their flawless skin, intense dark eyes, clean-cut features.  

Filipina Hookup

Not to forget sweet dimples, and sensual lips. They have incredible bodies, slim but sexy, a bit childish yet feminine. They are very warm, caring, tender, obedient and diligent in pleasing their man.

Filipina Hookup

They are usually sincere in liking a man but they don’t want to make a step backward in social and financial meaning. They want to make sure you’re financially stable and secure although.

Many of them are modest though and don’t pretend on anything at all, being a faithful and almost silent companion to their man. All these nuances are discussed on Filipina hookup blogs. 

Their social standards and traditions put all the responsibility and leadership on a man. It has good sides too, as you are getting the most obedient lover who is also fairly youthful and sexy.  

Filipina Hookup

Although Filipina girls are rather submissive, you’ll be surprised how honest and straight-forward they are. They don’t make you guess their real wants like if you were a clairvoyant.  

Filipina Hookup

They manage to always let you know about their feelings and thoughts staying absolutely polite and respectful. If women of all other nationalities had this kind of tact, the world would turn into a paradise. 

Filipina women and relationship dating advice

In fact, Filipina girls are in need of true men as there is a tendency of less manly men in last decades. It cannot be improved by the strict education or old traditions as it’s simply in fashion nowadays.  

All of Filipina girls have something in common, they don’t play games like European or American women. They are so honest that it hurts, and it goes without saying that you will be honest too.  

They will be greatly surprised and confused if the opposite happens. Even if you managed to have a fling or date a Filipina girl, you still should remember that she’s more introverted. 

Filipina Hookup

What it means: she’ll be secretive about all your intimate moments and dating you in general. They would do anything to behave properly and keep up appearances. It’s not good to hold hands everywhere.

If there’s a possibility that you can marry a Filipina girl, she will do her very best for you and you will feel like a king. Her parents will become your best friends and you will never find a better place.

Girls are usually far from revenge or jealous behavior. They are so sensitive and non-spoiled, it’s better to respect their feelings and try to be gentle in return. It’s one of special traits of Filipina women.

Which dangers to avoid in Filipina dating?

All women in the Philippines really hope to have a long-term relationship. Because of their mild character and sometimes need in money, they accept hookups too, but the hope in always there.

Having other plans from your side will make things complicated as Filipina girls aren’t created for breakup. It’s rather painful for them as they quickly get attached to you and dream about a family.

However, many travelers manage to smooth the process just by being kind. The nature around is relaxing and so is the girl’s character, be positive too and you’ll get everything you want with a Filipina.

Filipina Hookup

There is another potential danger in the Philippines though: ladyboys are extremely popular and common there. Sometimes you can recognize them and sometimes you simply don’t see any difference.

Filipina Hookup

In this case, keep on observing and you’ll understand whether this person’s manners and voice differ from typical female assets. Ladyboys are usually filling the top nightclubs in Angeles city.

Filipina Hookup

For meeting decent and trustworthy girls, it’s better to avoid the nightclubs and search during the day time. However, if you don’t mind new experiences, you can certainly try out the ladyboys too.

Can I get a stable lover in the Philippines?


There is a very special category of lovers in this beautiful country called a seasoned wife. It’s a completely no-strings-attached relationship and one just needs to be there every three months.


Between those visits, a sexy woman won’t need as much support as typical sugar babies require. No, it’s completely enough to care about her basic food and maybe a few inexpensive dresses.


In return, a girl doesn’t meet other men, and welcomes you with tasty meals like a caring wife or bride. The only inconvenience is that she doesn’t mind having a baby, so be careful with that.


One cannot find such a stable lover among bar girls or local models, they will always seek new adventures and sponsors. Chances are higher on Filipina dating sites and in villages full of good girls.


Hot women can remain patient girlfriends for the long periods of time, without further expectations, knowing their laws that make divorce pretty complicated. They’re happy with any relationship.


Filipina lovers are committed to please, very affectionate, express their passion naturally. It’s pleasant to come back again and again to those sensual lips, and you aren’t restricted to hookup the others.

Top sites and apps for Filipina dating

Filipina Hookup

If you’re obsessed with the beauty of Pina women, try this top dating site for hookups and longer affairs. Reportedly, it’s one of the most trustworthy platforms with quick and satisfying search results.

A big gallery of Filipina women, detailed description of their character, occupation, skills, all that helps to choose easier and end up with the sexiest girl from Manila or splendid beach cities.

Filipina Hookup

Hookups in the Philippines become a favorite hobby for many singles. If girls are qualitative enough, the relationship may get serious. Only the best females are gathered on this platform.

Flirting and going out together, travel dating are the most frequent aims of this site users. They share their experience in the dating blog and awesome success stories. Become one of the lucky guys!

Filipina Hookup

Find sexy Asian girls on this great hookup source with the most detailed Filipina women profiles. Enjoy your romantic trip or sex affair with hot females who are well-checked and sincere.

The site is known for it neat design, trendy features, fun blog and social network for singles. The chance to meet a Pina woman is quite big, and there’s a guarantee she will be both smart and sexy.

Filipina Hookup

Filipina girls are all beautiful, but the quality matters too. Some men want only tall model-looking women, others want cute babes who look like teens. Which category is for you?

Even single mothers are very hot in this site’ gallery. Many don’t mind to share private pictures, since it’s adult dating platform and they know western guys prefer open-mindedness. Find your sexy mate!

Filipina Hookup

Hookuping a Filipina is a pleasant occupation even a newcomer can enjoy. Find the best hookup strategies and pickup tricks on this top casual dating site with the most detailed blog and communities.

Let your trips to the Philippines be unique and memorable. Top travel guide is included in this site informative base, and the girls are really hot and stunning. Start your sexy conversation right away.

Questions? Look here

Experts say Pina women do not look like Chinese or Korean. They’re closer to Singaporean type but with partially westernized features, which perfectly responds to our beauty standards.

It’s usually a matter of enchanting of her parents with your good manners and generosity.

There are many single mature females who got divorced or separated, but they remain very attractive. Just like young girls, they’re open towards dating a foreigner.

They rarely accept the idea of threesome, or heavy BDSM. All the rest is basically available with a Pina girl.

That’s why it’s better to meet her family from the beginning and see what kind of values they have, whether they earn by themselves or earn from the foreigners’ mercy.

Westerners often recommend to avoid that, unless you’re willing to invest seriously into your relationship, not only the money but also your time.

You can travel with her anywhere, depending on your wishes and budget planning, also they’re nice girls and can be shown to a man’s family, just make sure she isn’t just one of the many.

Some of them are smart enough to be managers at work or have some small business, but the most part are quite uneducated and simple.

They do something to keep fit, typically swimming and jogging, but going to the gym isn’t really typical for them.

Actually the mothers decide more, but it isn’t necessary at all if you just go out with a bar girl.

What are good first date questions?

• What do you like in a man and why?
• What is your favorite romantic fantasy?
• Do you consider yourself conservative or open-minded?
• Is it usual for your culture to hug and kiss a lot?
• Do you enjoy being massaged and caressed?
• Do you like making love in the sea water?
• What is your favorite melody for sex?
• Have you tried roleplaying or do you know what it is?
• Can you get horny with just any man if he touches you right?
• Would you like to explore your desires in depth with me?

What are good questions to ask a Filipina girl you hookup?

• Do you want to keep trying new things?
• Is there some particular place or territory that excites you?
• Do you enjoy calling me your Master?
• Where haven’t you been in your country so I can take you there?
• Would you enjoy the whipped cream or some sweet fruit all over you so I can lick it?
• Do I kiss better than any of your ex boyfriends?
• Is there some taboo of yours you’d break for me?
• If I bring some very special costume for playing, will you wear it?
• Can I bite you sometimes?
• Choose the beach where we could make love secretly. 

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